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We at Westgate Family Pharmacy have compiled a list of Healthcare related links, in order for you, the consumer, to make more informed choices for receiving prescription drug information.  These links will take you to websites that we are not affiliated with, but believe that will be a good source of information. We are not responsible for any information, but in good faith believe them to be accurate.  Knowledge is power.

The RX symbol might have Egyptian Origins

Most people think that Rx is derived from the Latin word “recipe”, meaning “take”, but another interesting theory suggests that it evolved from the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol believed to have healing powers. Pharmacies and drugstores have been around for a long time. The world’s oldest prescriptions were etched into tablets around 2100 B.C. and Baghdad was home to some of the earliest drugstores, dating as far back as the eighth century.

The first drug reference book in England was created in 1618.

The book, Pharmacopoeia londinensis, was backed by King James I and allowed the Royal College of Physicians to create a master list of all known medications, their indications for use, and their effects. Only drugs that appeared on the list were about to be produced or sold. Their motivation behind creating this book? Gain control over apothecary shops in London by limiting what they could sell. Nine editions were ultimately published until the British Pharmacopoeia was published in 1864. This new volume combined the London, Dublin, and Edinburgh pharmacopeias.

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