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Westgate Family Pharmacy
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Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist.

In 1886, pharmacist John S. Pemberton created Coca-Cola as a treatment for most common ailments. His bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, names the drink and writes it down in the loopy, flowing handwriting that became known as the brand’s logo. The drink was based on cocaine from the coca leaf and caffeinated extracts from a kola nut – hence the name, Coca-Cola. The cocaine was removed from the recipes in 1903. Pemberton sold his syrup to Atlanta soda fountains, and the rest is history.

Dr. Pepper was invented by a pharmacist in Waco, Texas.

Dr. Pepper originated at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store. It was invented by a young pharmacist named Charles Alderton who sought out to create a syrup that smelled like a drugstore. Alderton loved the way the scents of the syrups at the soda fountain mixed together and wafter through the air and captured that scent in a drink. He tried different combinations of syrup, keeping a journal of his experiments until he landed on a combination that was just right.

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